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Particular several reasons
to choose Iamkbeauty

As a global cosmetics distributor in Korea, we recognize the value of fulfilling our promise to our customers and at all time guarantee the state of art level of services. We have made numerous efforts to curate our policies and choices.

We hope to establish a strategic alliance with every client who wishes to collaborate with IamKbeauty.com through perfect sales consulting that will not stay for spot sales.

We are striving continuously to maintain our corporate value by investing considerable time in developing all personal and business relationship between our Korean cosmetic suppliers and our clients.

Through our strategic partnership with overseas professional logistics company EFS (ocean and air cargo) Logistics, we are able to trace all cargoes, so that every buyer can receive it safely, fast and cheaply.

Our ears are widely open. Your opinion and feedback is the basis for further development
and value of The IM (IamKbeauty) Group.

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Our Ambition

Korean Cosmetic Distributor
IamKbeauty Ambition

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Our Mission

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