Quicker and easier for wholesale purchases and resellers of Korean Cosmetic.

Are you looking for reliable Korean Cosmetic Wholesaler? Just simply submit the form through our application program provided by IamKbeauty which is easier and quicker, without complicated process for applying, and our optimal consignee will directly contact you within 24hours.
Enjoy and check out the competitive prices and our fast response services with more than 5,000 skus from more than 100’s of Korean brands. Please click here to explore more services that IamKbeauty provides you.

Target who can apply for our Wholesaler or Reseller

  1. currently working in cosmetic category and wants to add up Korean cosmetic line
  2. have lots of interests in Korean cosmetics but hesitated due to lack of experience in purchasing and selling
  3. who needs competitive price and need to source for Korean cosmetics
  4. who wants to operate an off-line / on-line stores through exclusivity
  5. who needs consultation on manufacturing and/or distribution of Korean cosmetics


We provide 1 vs 1 customized service through quick & easy application form. Furthermore, please click the below and fill out simply for live chat through community apps.

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ID : theim0425


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